2008 Walk for Literacy Raises $21,000

Walkers We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped to make Barakat’s first major fundraiser a huge success. Over 130 people came to the event. Together we raised $21,000 for our literacy programs for girls and women in Afghanistan.

This will enable us to run 20 literacy programs for 500 girls and women.

Most of these girls and women are the first in their families ever to learn to read and write. To have the opportunity to receive an education is a dream come true for them. On behalf of these girls and women, I want to thank you for enabling them to realize their dreams.

We’ve already set the date for next year’s Walk for Literacy to Saturday, October 24th. It will be the same time of year – one week after the Head of the Charles Regatta and one week before Halloween. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you then!

Thank you to everyone who took pictures. We have some great ones. In order to share them with everyone, I have uploaded them to Picasa. Feel free to add a comment to the photos. If you have some that you’d like me to post, email them to me at damon@barakatworld.org

Professor Karen Boatman from Boston University delivered a moving speech at the opening ceremony. Unfortunately, due to an illness that left her unable to talk loudly (and a microphone that didn’t amplify very well), few people were able to hear the speech. Several people who were close enough to hear it have requested that we share the speech with everyone. You can find the text of her speech here.