Malaria in India: Education is Needed

¬†Malaria is a preventable and curable disease. But each year, over one million people around the world die from it! These two facts stress the importance of addressing the malaria issue, especially in high-risk areas. In the unrelenting heat of Uttar Pradesh in India, where Barakat has had a presence since 2004, malaria is an…

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At the Polls in Afghanistan: Educated Women Vote!

On September¬†18th, as the rest of the world watched, fingers all over Afghanistan were stained for political participation. While watching the progress of the elections, did you wonder about the voting experience in Afghanistan? Can you imagine voting without being able to read? How would you know who to vote for or how to approach…

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The 3rd Annual Walk for Literacy: A Great Success!


After two years of great Walks for Literacy, our entire Cambridge Office was looking forward to another great event – and we got one! In a stroke of good news from the weatherman, there was lots of sun and a crisp breeze last Saturday as 160 Walkers came out in support of literacy in South…

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