Hope for the Future

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For young Afghans, the future is uncertain. Nowhere is this more true than within the population of 1.7 million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Driven from their country by natural disasters and war, many refugees, particularly those within the Turkmen community, make their living weaving rugs. Other jobs—within Pakistan or Afghanistan—are few and far between,…

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Unique Opportunities for Students

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In a small classroom in Kabul, Afghanistan, 6 computers hum quietly. Around them sit 12 women, ranging in age from 7 to 55. These women are part of Barakat’s Sowat Hayati program that focuses on providing higher education to women who, for cultural reasons, are unable to attend school with men. These women are taking…

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Charity with Style: Barakat featured in New England Home Magazine

Barakat was featured in the September/October issue of New England Home Magazine as the recipient of a $11,300 donation from a charity auction hosted by the magazine. The charity auction was part of a celebration put on by New England Home to congratulate the winners of the annual “5 under 40” competition, which, according to their website,…

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