A New School Bus for Schools in Pakistan

The yellow school bus is an essential symbol of heading back to school. For students studying in Barakat’s schools in the Attock region of Pakistan, the school bus is more than a symbol– it’s their access to the programs that can change their lives. 

On September 15th, Landry & Acari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting, along with New England Home magazine, auctioned off five beautiful rugs designed by the winners of New England Home‘s “5 under 40” competition. All the proceeds from the auction went to support Barakat’s efforts to buy a new school bus for its schools in the Attock region of Pakistan.

Barakat’s only bus, a used Hyundai purchased eight years ago, is often in the shop, costing the organization money and time best used elsewhere. The bus is used to take students from the refugee settlements where they live to the schools where they study.Without the bus, many parents would hesitate to allow their children to go to school due to lack of convenience or concerns about safety. The proceeds from the charity auction covered almost 95% of the cost of the bus.

Charity auction celebrated the winners of the “5 under 40”

The charity auction celebrated the winners of the “5 under 40” competition- five up-and-coming designers from the New England Area, each under the age of 40. Each participant in the contest designed a rug. Five rug designs were chosen and then made by Landry & Acari, an Oriental rug company with showrooms in Boston and Salem, Massachusetts. Julie Arcari, the CEO of Landry & Acari, spoke about the charity auction, which was held at Landry & Acari’s Boston location this year. “It was amazing—I wish you could see the production that goes into this kind of event. They absolutely transformed the atrium of our store. ”

Julie also talked about Landry & Acari’s relationship with Barakat, a relationship that goes back a long time. Jerry Acari, Julie’s father, was a good friend of Chris Walker, one of the founders of Barkat. “Barakat was born out of the rug weaving community,” Julie said. Landry & Acari have remained closely involved with Barakat over the years, and when the question of selling the rugs arose, Julie says, “Barakat was the obvious choice to receive the profits.”

Those profits will go a long way in helping women and children get back to school this September. Barakat thanks Landry & Acari and New England Home Magazine for their generosity and a great event.

The proceeds from the charity auction will make a huge impact on Barakat’s efforts to buy a new bus, but we still need help. Donate now to help students in Pakistan get back to school

Photo courtesy of New England Home magazine. Photo by Tara Carvalho