BLISS: Fashion and Passion for a Cause

Is there a cause that you feel passionately enough about to quit your job and devote your life to Saba Gul has decided to do just that – the progress that her company, BLISS (Business and Life Skills School), has achieved has transformed it from a project for her free time into a full-time job. But this isn’t just any full-time job – Saba has entered into the world of social entrepreneurship, where there is a new job to be done every day and every accomplishment holds new challenges. Saba has recently begun showing BLISS bags at exhibitions in cities in Pakistan and has been meeting great praise in the process.

When Saba describes her decision to quit her job in the United States to return to Pakistan and work on BLISS full-time,alt her passion for the project is evident. She focuses on the praise that BLISS has received and the increased exposure and progress gained in the last few months:

“My heart was in BLISS – I wished I was in Pakistan, working on the ground, full-time and spending more time with the girls. BLISS started becoming more ‘real’ over time – from things like attention from the State Department, to incubation by prestigious programs like Unreasonable (The Unreasonable Institute), to people wanting to write about us, BLISS started gaining a lot of traction. I felt more compelled to give it the time and attention it deserved.”

Saba has been using this time to organize the exhibitions for BLISS, and handle each aspect of production personally. Throughout the more arduous tasks, Saba remembers that ultimately, her work will pay off for Barakat students. The quicker she can expand operations for BLISS, the quicker she can bring the program to more students. Her drive to bring beautiful, high quality products to market is fueled by her desire to further BLISS’s social mission.

As the first round of bags have been shown at exhibitions in Lahore and Karachi, Saba uses the exhibitions to not only show off the bags, but also to stress the importance of the cause behind BLISS: “I was very excited but also very nervous, because it was the first time our bags were going to be on display for people to look at and critique. I also gave a short talk with pictures and videos from Attock – and while I was very nervous, it came out really well. Stories of the girls and commentary from the teachers made BLISS come alive for the audience.”

As Saba gains more and more exposure for her work with BLISS, the project will be sure to grow. This will of course bring new challenges, but Saba is ready to meet them head-on. Her initial exhibitions have gone wonderfully and Saba’s greater time investment is allowing her to shine in the world of social entrepreneurship. We’ll keep you posted on Saba’s tireless efforts to build BLISS. Great job, Saba!