Barakat Begins Campus Chapter Initiative to Engage Local College Students

Over the past several months, many people have encouraged Barakat to take advantage of the many ambitious and energetic youth who attend the dozens of colleges and universities in the Boston area. With this in mind, we are happy to announce Barakat's Campus Chapter Initiative.

The goal of the Campus Chapter Initiative is to help college students who share Barakat's passion for promoting education in South Asia start campus groups at their schools. While promoting Barakat's mission, these campus chapters will enable college students to pursue their own specific interests in education in South Asia. They will create a platform for students to raise awareness of educational issues that are important to them and to raise funds to support Barakat's programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

If you are passionate about education issues in South Asia and are interested in starting a campus chapter at your college or university (or you know someone else who is) please contact Rosina Pradhananga, Barakat's Campus Chapter Coordinator, at  Rosina is available to help students create their own campus chapters and can answer any questions you might have if you are considering starting a chapter.