Afghan School Receives Winter Coats

Attempting to endure the harsh winter months, students in Faryab Province, Afghanistan often do not have sufficient clothing to keep them warm. Tolerating below freezing temperatures, young children often walk to and from school without a coat. With wind chills near zero, bearing these types of conditions can keep students home, greatly distract them from learning and cause illnesses that keep them in bed. For 607 students at Barakat’s Mullah Kareem Nazar School, however, this is no longer the case.

Thanks in part to a donation from Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting, students now have jackets to wear in this cold weather. Before the donation many children had no protection from winter weather at all. Mohammed Amin, the Finance Officer of Barakat Afghanistan, reports that families of the students “were really happy that in this cold weather their children obtained jackets.”  Barakat’s country director for Afghanistan, Haji Abdul Wakeel, along with the principal of Mullah Kareem Nazar, Mohammed Ayoub, were both in attendance for the presentation of these jackets.


The impact of these coats reaches beyond their immediate recipients to benefit the entire family, since valuable clothing is passed down to younger siblings. Such necessities are often viewed as luxuries for impoverished families since the price of a coat is a cost families are unable to shoulder. Unfortunately, this means that many children do not wear coats despite intense winter weather conditions. The students at Mullah Kareem Nazar School, however, can now overcome yet another obstacle on the path to quality education.