Donate Now to Flood Victims in Pakistan!

Thousands of people are being displaced in Pakistan from what experts are calling the worst monsoon floods in more than 80 years. Of those, nearly 600 people have fled to the town of Attock in Punjab, the home-base of Barakat Pakistan’s schools and programs since 1994. Donate Now.

“These families are as newborns, with nothing to their name,” said Habibullah Karimi, Barakat’s co-founder, who lives in Pakistan and is leading the way in giving aid to the victims of the floods.

Attock is itself made up of thousands of refugees and suffers from a poverty-stricken economy and lack of resources. We are working with our staff in Pakistan to provide these newly displaced families with food, cooking supplies, clothing, medicine and shelter.

The estimated cost of providing these 600 people with food, shelter, medical care and other expenses for one month is $10,000.

By donating now, you will help provide a safe, healthy environment for families escaping this disaster.