Dream of a Better Tomorrow

His father’s unshakable belief in the value of schooling and his own desire for a better life through education are the main forces behind 15-year-old Muhibullah’s drive to succeed.

“If I didn’t go to school for a day, my father would send me by force,” he said.

Now in the 8th grade at one of Barakat’s schools, Muhibullah has derived inspiration from the examples set by his father and teachers. It is clear to him, he said, that educated people have a better life, one where war and poverty are not the sole proprietors.  This is why he wants to become an English teacher and create an English course in his home district of Andkhoy.

“I like teaching,” he said. “ And it is the best way to help poor people in our district. English is an international language and people who learn it can find good jobs.”
boy student picture_cropped
It is his hope that his own education will get him out of hard labor work like farming that illiterate people in his community are often forced into. Barakat’s facilities and teachers have made this possibility real for Muhibullah.
“Before Barakat built this school, we were studying in a destroyed house without chairs, tables, stationary and water, and sitting on the ground,” he said. “The majority of students didn’t come to class.”
Now Muhibullah can not only attend school, but do so in a progressive, co-ed environment. While he doesn’t have any sisters, he has other female relatives who are getting an education.
“I think it’s a positive step toward development,” he said. “Unfortunately, the majority of people still aren’t ready to allow their daughters to get an education.”
Muhibullah is experiencing the life of a student now, but he is looking forward to continuing his studies at university and establishing a teaching career soon after. The journey will not be an easy one, but it will ultimately be worth it in the eyes of a boy who sees education as the stepping-stone toward peace.

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