Dedicated to Succeed

Remember when you or your kids were studying for the SATs If you do then you will probably be able to relate to eighth grade students in Pakistan, who undergo a similar experience, as they prepare themselves for the Board Examination. The Board Examination is a test administered by the central government across the nation, similar to the SAT’s or the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).

Last year, 100% of Barakat students passed the exam, a rate that no other school in the region was able to achieve. A large part of this success can be attributed to extra classes that have been offered during the summer months to prepare students for the Board Exam, which is usually held in February.


This summer, the extra classes have been held at Ersari Elementary School. 44 seventh and eighth grade students have enrolled and a wide array of subjects, such as English, General Science, Arabic, Math, Social Studies and Islamic Studies have been covered. The curriculums of these classes are designed to give students the additional guidance they require to succeed as they aspire to follow in the footsteps of last year’s eighth graders. The classes being held six days a week for four hours a day speaks to the intense nature of the Board Exams. Those who take full advantage of the classes will have endured a rigorous but hopefully rewarding process by the time they take the exams.

In collaboration with principals and teachers at our schools, Barakat’s local staff in Pakistan have been running these classes since 2000. Sumera Sahar, the Country Director for Barakat Pakistan, notes that “students are at a stage where they can realize the objective of these classes. They are willing attend the classes because they understand the value of good 8th grade results.”

“The heat irritates me a little bit,” joked 14-year-old Nazeefur Rehman of the 7thgrade, “but the benefit is greater than the heat. With these classes we can prepare ourselves well for the final Board Exams.”