Free Medical Check-Ups for Flood Victims

The damage has been massive and unyielding. Hundreds of refugees are seeking shelter. Every helping hand is needed to calm the massive crisis. This is still the general state of crisis in Pakistan.

Media coverage of the flooding situation has been plentiful and organizations are working tirelessly to help displaced communities. While Attock, the community where our schools are located, has thankfully been spared from the sweeping damage of the rising floodwaters, hundreds of refugees have streamed in to seek relief from their own devastated communities. A private hospital in Attock’s city center has heeded the call to help these families and, together with Barakat Pakistan, has provided medical check-ups free of charge.

The Rasheed Memorial Hospital, with doctors from all disciplines, first teamed up with Barakat Pakistan after witnessing your generous donations being distributed to Attock residents. They gathered donations from local residents to give the check-ups to sick refugees.

Doctors discovered many stomach problems, skin issues and fevers, which can possibly be traced back to contaminated water, which is a constant problem in the region. They also checked pregnant women who had to flee their homes and will have to deliver their babies far from home with the help of Attock midwives or doctors. Since the hospital is in the center of town and very well known, refugees can go back if they need additional attention and problems can be addressed, or people can be referred to neighboring hospitals.

As they settle in Attock, displaced families will hopefully combat some of the sickness picked up during their escape. The repercussions of the floods will be felt for years to come and require continued investment, but the contribution of local donors to refugee healthcare has helped to address problems from the start and make refugees in Attock more comfortable.

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