Health Programs Reopen, Fully Backed by Afghan Government

Students who are in need of health services will once again be able to access free health care from Barakat Afghanistan. Due to government regulations, the health care program was temporarily put on hold until Barakat could obtain official government permission to administer the program.

The program, which operates at both Mullah Karim Nazar School and Besh Kappa Surkh, provides check-ups for all students at the beginning of the school year. Those who are sick at the time of this visit or who become sick during the year get monthly check-ups as well.

In these areas, health treatment is rare. There are no hospitals around and the trip to Kabul is often too much of an economic burden for families to handle. Students with illnesses often miss school or cannot concentrate and perform at their full potential. Healthy students, on the other hand, have much more energy and focus in classes.


The program at Besh Kappa Surkh School started back up on March 6th and the program at Mullah Karim Nazar School will reopen in September, after their summer break. Not only will the students benefit from the program, but their parents will as well. The parents of Barakat’s students also get check-ups in the beginning of the year and follow-ups if necessary. Both physical and mental illnesses are monitored. The most common issues tend to be the flu, tuberculosis, skin illnesses, and depression. If the illnesses are severe enough, Barakat Afghanistan will help the student get to a hospital in Kabul to be treated.

 Zebah Shakoor, a 14 year-old student at Mullah Karim Nazar School, has benefited greatly from the health program. “I have an illness that I cannot control that comes on suddenly,” Zebah said. “Once Barakat Afghanistan took me to Kabul to get treated. I am really happy that Barakat Afghanistan provides us with education and health treatments.”