The Jolkana Foundation Launches its Website

Have you ever wanted to give to a project or organization and be able to see the impact your donation made on someone’s life?

If so, The Jolkona Foundation is the answer. Jolkona runs a website that enables people to give small contributions and receive information about the individual impact their donation made. ‘Jolkona’ means ‘a drop of water’ in Bengali and is the idea that led to the formation of this simple giving strategy that is embodied by their tagline: Every Drop Counts.

Jolkana Foundation Website

On September 23rd Jolkona announced the beta launch of its website. Projects featured on the website – such as Barakat’s literacy programs for girls and women of Afghanistan – are broken down into small units such as cost per individual per academic session. For example, a sponsorship of a female student at Barakat’s literacy courses costs only $40 for the entire academic session.

The website invites young people with modest giving capacity to invest in worthwhile projects. Through Jolkona, partnering organizations like Barakat provide status reports on the performance of the student(s) sponsored.

Because the website is currently in its beta stage, participation as a donor is by invitation only. Because of our partnership with Jolkona, Barakat has been allowed to extend invitations to everyone on our mailing list! You will be receiving an email invitation soon. Accepting the invitation simply enables you to give if you choose to do so. There is no obligation by signing up, and you will not be contacted by Jolkona or any other organization if you choose not to sign up. Check out Jolkona’s website to learn more!