Barakat Initiative Against Malaria

altMalaria, a deadly infectious disease, kills millions of people worldwide each year. In India, stagnant bodies of water and tropical weather conditions are the perfect breeding ground for the disease-carrying female anopheles mosquito. One of the most effective ways of protection against malaria is a simple LLIN, or Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated Net. These mosquito nets are placed around a bed, creating a barrier between a sleeping person and mosquitoes. The nets remain effective even after multiple washes and can be used for several years.

The goal of the Barakat Initiative Against Malaria was to increase awareness about malaria. Free bed-nets were provided in conjunction with a mandatory public health class on malaria prevention, symptom identification, and ways to access low cost treatment. The class incorporated a lecture, role-playing, and a question-and-answer format textbook for students to share with their families.


The average cost of purchasing and shipping a net to India is approximately $5 per net, but this can be expensive for people in the region who sometimes earn less that a dollar a day. The Barakat Initiative Against Malaria was able to procure nets through fundraising events, the generosity of individual donors, as well as assistance from Netting Nations.

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