Malaria Net Distribution Happens in India!

On November 15th, the highly anticipated malaria nets were distributed in Bhadohi, India. As we described last month, malaria continues to be a huge problem for families, especially in places with heavy rainy seasons like India. In an effort to combat this problem, Barakat, in association with the Care and Fair School in Bhadohi, fundraised and organized a distribution of bed-nets for students. Last week, this distribution happened to the delight of everyone there. As a result of everyone’s hard work, three hundred nets were distributed, along with textbooks which use pictures to describe transmission and dangers of malaria to students and their parents.

Teachers have been on the forefront of the malaria issue for a long time, and are one of the primary ways that children learn about how the disease is spread and the most effective ways to prevent it. Priyanka, a 13 year old girl and malaria net recipient is very well-informed about the malaria problem: “I’ve never used a mosquito net before, but our teacher taught us how. We also learned about how malaria is spread. It is a scary disease, but I feel less scared now that I have a net.”

Malaria ParentsThis distribution gave three hundred students a chance to fight malaria with the tools and the understanding to combat the disease effectively. Our hope is that this number will only increase and we are thankful to those teachers and parents that make this possible.