New Country Director for Barakat Afghanistan

Barakat is excited to welcome Aaq Mohammad as the new Country Director in Afghanistan.  Since graduating from high school in 1999, Mohammad has worked as a teacher and principal at several schools, including Barakat’s Mullah Kareem Nazar School in Faryab Province.

As Country Director, Mohammad will continue to work hard to improve and develop Barakat’s programs in Afghanistan.  His goal is to help more women and children become literate.

“I really hope that Barakat Afghanistan can provide a circumstance in which the poor people of Afghanistan, especially women, can study, learn, and continue their lives in prosperous conditions,” said Mohammad.

It was his parents, he said, who provided those circumstances for him.  “In my point of view, the person who works honestly and struggles a lot will be successful in every condition of life,” he said.

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Mohammad’s deep optimism is why Barakat is confident in his ability to build upon the accomplishments of outgoing Country Director AlhajAbdul Wakil, who has held the position since 2004. Wakil joined Barakat after working as an officer for the Ministry of Defense for more than 30 years.  During his time as Country Director, he frequently traveled around Afghanistan to meet with

teachers and students of Barakat literacy courses and witness their progress firsthand.  Wakil is especially proud that Barakat Afghanistan has managed about 3,000 students in literacy courses between 2003 and 2010, constructed two buildings for Mullah Karim Nazarand Besh Kapa Surkh Schools, established new branches for a literacy school that was about to be demolished, and started a health program for students.

Although he faced may challenges, Wakil did not let these obstacles stand in the way of Barakat Afghanistan’s success.  “We found the key for every problem, and there was no problem that had a negative effect on our projects and implementations,” he stated.

Barakat would like to thank Wakil for his outstanding work over the past seven years.  Now the new Country Director, Mohammad, is ready to continue improving the educational status of Afghans.

As we begin 2011 with hope, this leadership transition leaves Barakat Afghanistan on the right track for a successful New Year.