New Jolkona Foundation Partnership

Barakat has started a new partnership between the Girls Scholarship Program and Jolkona Foundation, an organization that helps connect donors to charitable causes.  Jolkona means “drop of water” in Bengali and represents the idea that every drop adds up to create a ripple effect of change.  Jolkona has connecteddonors with Barakat’s literacy courses since 2008, but this new partnership will help educate even morestudents at our schools.

There are two ways to support the Girls Scholarship Program in Pakistan through Jolkona: A donation of $235 enables a student to continue her education at a private high school for one year, while a donation of $110 allows a student to attend a public high school for one year.

Jolkona works with its partner organizations to offer affordable donation options that have a measurable impact.  Donors receive a personalized proof of impact for every donation, motivating people by showing them what their donation has accomplished. Donors to the Girls Scholarship Program will receive a picture and description of the student they helped, plus a thank you letter from the student at the end of the school year describing her future plans.

dscn3773The scholarship program helps girls like Mahnoor, who wants to study accounting and become a banker. Her parents do not earn enough money to pay for her education on their own.  She writes, “This program is a blessing for girls.  Getting an education is my passion.  My younger brother and sisters are all students at Barakat schools.  Thank you Barakat for doing excellent work for us.”

The partnership between the Girls Scholarship Program and Jolkona will allow more girls to stay in school and achieve their dreams, illustrating how every drop counts in the world of charitable giving.