Schools in Afghanistan

Mullah Karim Nazar School, Faryab Province


In 2003, Barakat co-founder Habibullah Karimi’s family donated three acres of land for this school in the Faryab province in Northern Afghanistan. Construction ended in 2005, at a cost of a little more than $83,000. Until then, the school for 50 boys and 36 girls was operated in Mr. Karimi's house. The new school building has multiple classrooms, restrooms for students and faculty, and administrative offices. The school started with grades 1 - 4 and has expanded up to the 9th grade, as of 2012.  Barakat ensures that clean drinking water is bought and stored in the school, as groundwater in the region is not potable. 

The enrollment rate for 2014-2015 was 1,021 students. This is the highest it has been since the school opened. Out of the 1,021 students, 563 were male and 458 (44%) were female. 

The school is named in the memory of Mullah Kareem Nazar, Barakat's co-founder Habibullah Karimi's father, who died in 1986.   


Besh Kapa Surkhr School, Jowzjan Province


Barakat’s second school in Northern Afghanistan is the Besh Kapa Surkh School, located in Jowzjan province. Construction for this school began in 2004, on an acre of land donated by a local resident. At a cost of approximately $92,000, construction was completed in May of 2007, and the school was operational less than a month later. Besh Kapa Surkh serves students through 8th grade, and intends to expand to the 9th grade level.

The school is named after two neighboring villages, Besh Kapa Village, and Surkh Village. The school has multiple classrooms, restrooms for students and faculty, and administrative offices.  Water is brought by tankers once a week and stored in a water depot in the school.There are 472 students enrolled at this school in 2015-2016. Out of the 472 students, 411 are male and 61 (12%) are female.