Teacher Training in Human Rights

Photo of women attending our teacher training on Human Rights
Photo of teachers attending annual teacher training in Afghanistan

In 2008, Barakat launched a teacher-training program in Afghanistan focused on training teachers to incorporate into their curriculum tenets of human rights for children and women. The program, initially made possible through a Unitarian Universalist Services committee grant, has grown to provide training to teachers, community and religious leaders. Throughout the course of a year, Barakat typically implements five to eight weeklong workshops. In 2011-2012, Barakat reached out to 100 participants through six workshops, who in turn reached more than 5,000 students and community residents with the message of preserving and respecting the rights of children and women.


Some of the topics discussed at the workshops are: 

  • Introduction to the Human Rights Commission
  • Human rights culture
  • International conventions of human rights
  • Parent's rights
  • Daughter's rights 
  • Child marriages
  • Conventions on revoking prejudices against women
  • Voilence against women
  • Forcible marriages
  • The current situations of women in Afghanistan, and ways of solving their problems
  • Teacher'e role in training children to understand their rights 
  • Justice for children
  • Family in Islam
  • Law of avoiding affliction