Women's Literacy Program

Barakat offers lower-level and higher-level literacy programs for girls and women who are unable to attend traditional schools for cultural reasons and because of living too far away. Our Lower-level literacy program (Sewad Amousi) covers grades 1 – 3, and the higher-level literacy program (Sewad Hayati) covers grades 4 - 9. 

Lower-Level program (Sewad Amousi)


Sewad Amousi literally means 'To teach one to become literate'.  Each syllabus in this lower-level program is covered in 10 months.  Classes are taught at the homes of local families, based on community needs and demands, and are a valuable incentive for parents who may be reluctant to send their daughters to a traditional school.  Students range in age from 15 to 65 and include teenage girls, married women and grandmothers. The program saw an enrollment of 266 students in 2014-2015.




Higher-Level program (Sewad Hayati)

Sewad Hayati means 'Literate for life'.  This higher-level program runs over a course of six years. From 4th to 6th grade, the courses studied may include Dari, Pashto, English, mathematics, science, Islamiyat (the study of Islam), drawing, writing, history, geography, and ‘social life’ (education in social mores and traditions). From 7th to 9th grade, these courses continue, with more advanced studies in verbal and written language, mathematics and the sciences, such as physics and chemistry. The number of enrolled students in 2014- 2015 was 290.

The Afghan Ministry of Education has created the syllabus for these literacy courses to correspond with the formal school system in Afghanistan.