Scholarship Girls Visit Ersari

On April 4, three of our Girls Scholarship Program recipients visited Ersari Elementary School in Attock, Pakistan to encourage other girls to continue their studies.  HaleemaMahnoor and Surayya were eager to spend a few hours at the school talking to female students.

The girls, all alumni of Barakat schools, are excellent role models for the Ersari students, giving them a vision to change their future by staying in school.  “All my knowledge and confidence roots back to Ersari,” said Haleema.  “Getting admitted there was a turning point in my life.  All that I have is due to Ersari, which laid a strong base for me.”

gspHaleema really enjoys setting an example for other Afghan girls in Pakistan.  “It’s my dream that every Afghan girl is educated,” she said.  “I want to be a professor in the future to distribute my knowledge to others.”

These girls are great ambassadors for the importance of educating females because they understand that equal access to education will help the entire country, not just them personally.  “Education is not necessary for males only, women are equally important,” stated Surayya.  “I want to be a well-aware Afghan girl who is able to understand her rights.  Education is a medium through which I can achieve what I wish for myself and my community.”

Our scholarship recipients will continue to visit Barakat schools regularly to further motivate the younger students.  “I hope the scholarship girls will stimulate the Barakat students, and we’ll see a positive change in the access of quality education in Afghan girls,” said Sumera Sahar, Country Director of BarakatPakistan.

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