Swat brutality caught on tape ignites global outrage

A video of Taliban militants beating a teenage girl in Swat has surfaced, reigniting the debate over the peace deal between Taliban leaders and the government in Pakistan.

The precise date of the beating is unknown, although reports point to some time in the last six weeks, and it remains unclear whether it was perpetrated before of after the implementation of Sharia Islamic law in the region. Swat government administrators claim the video, which features the girl being held down and flogged by several men in the street, took place before the peace deal and was circulated as a way to sabotage the agreement. But others contend that it is yet another sign of the relentless brutality of the controlling Taliban militants. The girl was accused of having illicit relations with a man. A Talibani spokesman defended “the punishment,” but said it should not have occurred in public. “Stop it, stop it, it is painful!” the girl is heard screaming.