Upcoming Events at Barakat, Keep Checking Up!

Mariam Rabiq, Barakat’s Outreach Director, will be speaking at various events this spring. As part of a larger lecture series entitled, “A Close Up View of Different Cultures Meeting Common Needs: the Inuit and the People of Tibet, Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Mariam will talk about the current social and political situation in Afghanistan and place it in a larger historical context.

SherBaz Khan, Barakat’s Marketing Coordinator, will also be speaking about the current struggles and future challenges of Pakistan. This event is being hosted by the Active Retirement Association and will be held at Durham Community Church in Durham, New Hampshire. SherBaz will be speaking on March 10, and Mariam will be speaking on March 17, 2010. Mariam will also be speaking at the Pembroke Public Library in April, and at various other lectures. Details will be released soon.