Violence, deprivation for Pakistani children

Western journalists recently returned from Pakistan bring more grim news about the state of education and child welfare in the wartorn nation.

BBC News correspondent Jill McGivering recently spent time in Pakistan, speaking with locals on the “Talibanization” of their country. As the Taliban continue to decimate homes and neighborhoods, recently going so far as to attack a police training school in Lahore, civilians’ fear is amplifying. “We’re frightened for our children,” several women said. “The violence is growing, day by day.” McGivering tells of one visit to Kacha Gari camp on the borders of Peshawar where she found a class of “thin-faced schoolgirls” chanting the alphabet in a small tent. Most had never been to school. Even as public outcry for better access to education and investments in development grows, citizens are losing hope that the government will be able to quell the Taliban surge.