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From time to time, this page is updated with information about our schools and programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For a list of events in and around Cambridge generated by Barakat and our supporters please refer to our Upcoming Events page.

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Updates from Pakistan

June 1, 2016

All schools have closed early for the summer due to a request from the Pakistani government. Administrators will be continuing to work through out the summer to prepare for the next school year.

May 13, 2016

The school year is just starting to wrap up for all of our schools in Pakistan. Similar to the U.S. students will have their summer break from June to August. Recent events in Pakistan has brought many ups and downs for our students but Barakat has launched a project to make our schools safer for our students. We remain committed to educating girls and boys in the city of Attock despite the challenges that may be thrown our way.

Updates from Afghanistan

July 11, 2016

Every year Barakat sends a doctor to perform regular check ups on students and help treat medical conditions that would otherwise keep the student from going to school. This past spring during a doctor visit at Mullah Krim Nazar School it was discovered that a student named, Melad has a heart defect that requires surgery to treat. Another organization is covering the expense of the surgery, but Barakat is helping his parents raise the necessary $2,000 to send one of them with him. More information can be found here.

July 6, 2016

Pakistan schools may be close for the summer but in Faryab Province our lower literacy program is in session with 258 women and girls in attendance. These students have a winter break as opposed to a summer break since it’s easier for them to get to class during the summer than in the winter. Students graduating from the program will be graduating in November.


June 1, 2016

Barakat was pleased to award 30 more young women graduation certificates from Khancharbag High School in the Faryab province. In total we have 180 girls graduating from our four high schools!





Photo of a young woman graduating from our high school program
May 16,  2016

Barakat was pleased to award 30 young women graduation certificates from our Mirsayed Baraka girls high school program. Barakat’s programs are open to both girls and boys at the elementary level but we only sponsor girls to go on to high school since they are likely the ones who wouldn’t attend otherwise. In total we’ve had 180 girls graduate from our high school program this year. Please join us in congratulating them!






May 13, 2016

April thru June is the one time of year that all of our programs in Afghanistan overlap. Schools and literacy programs in tropical areas are coming to a close for the summer while schools and literacy programs to the North are beginning their sessions. Barakat Afghanistan has staggered schedules due to the different climates that are students are in, since tropical areas can get very hot during the summer those students attend during the winter, while students to the North have rain and other weather that hinder classes during the winter so they attend during the summer.


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