Helping Communities Through Education

Barakat is dedicated to providing exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan that advances literacy and increases access to secondary education, particularly for girls and women. 

Barakat means Blessings. Each donation is a blessing to these women and children working to create a better life for themselves.

  • Aysha, 18

    Aysha is from a poor family, and is living in a community that is not supportive of education. She needs all of the help we can provide her.

  • Munira, 7

    Munira wants to be a journalist when she grows up. The schooling she is receiving will be invaluable for her future.

women and children being helped in 2019 and counting...

  • Kamila, 15

    Kamila dreams of being a prosperous future business owner to support her family.

  • Abdul, 8

    Abdul has dreams of becoming an engineer one day to help his village.

We Can Help

When a child is able to complete their education they are able to earn more, which helps to lift their family out of poverty, and end the poverty cycle for that family.  Combining an education with basic medical care means that we are able to help students, that otherwise might not have gone to school, to gain an education while treating the conditions that might have prevented them from going in the first place.

Making an Impact

By operating five schools and over two dozen at home literacy programs we are not only increasing access to education we are also increasing employment in the area by only hiring local teachers and administrators. Between both countries we employ over 100 administrators and teachers, which helps to improve the economy in the areas where the schools are.

Improving Lives

We take a holistic approach to education. We believe that education doesn’t always happen between the hours of 8am and 2pm or just in a traditional classroom. By offering evening classes in Pakistan and literacy programs in Afghanistan we increase the chances that a young girl is able to gain an education. We hope that by improving the lives of young girls we will in turn be able to help improve the lives of the rest of the community.

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